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the selling process

Selling a business without a well thought out plan and process can be a recipe for disappointment and disaster.  Many factors influence the level of success, or failure, in selling a business.  At P&L Business Brokers, we have developed a comprehensive, sophisticated approach and process enabling you, the Owner, to rest assured that you will be well-prepared, no detail will slip through the cracks, and the critical success factors are understood and optimized. 

We understand the effort and commitment it takes to own a company as well as the emotional side of handing over the keys to a new owner.  We also understand that numbers alone do not tell the story of the business – it is best narrated  through the lens of the person(s) whom has lived and breathed the business.  We will market your business, along with its story, to qualified buyers and bring you and your business to a new chapter.

Below, please find the summary of the comprehensive Selling Process that P&L Business Brokers offers.

1. Exit Planning

During the initial meeting, we will discuss and assess:
• Exit plan options
• Reason(s) to sell
•Timeline for sale
• Life beyond business

2. Business Overview

Getting to know your business. We will discuss in-depth your business including:
•Origination purpose and history
•Key success factors
•Opportunities and challenges

3. Listing Agreement

We operate under a sole and exclusive arrangement. We will dedicate significant time and energies in preparing your business for sale, marketing your business, facilitating the sale process, negotiation, and closing the sale.


We will develop a high-quality, comprehensive Confidential Business Review (CBR) with input from our discussions and business questionnaire, recasting of Financial Statements, assessment of the target buyer profiles, and agreed-upon selling price.

5. Marketing / Listing

We will:
• Create a targeted list of potential buyers (both strategic and financial buyers) and market directly to select targets, confidentially
• List business for sale

6. Qualify buyers

We will:
• Facilitate all inquiries from interested buyers including having each buyer execute a non-disclosure agreement / confidentially agreement
• Qualify buyers to ensure sufficient financial capacity

7. Offer to Purchase

We will encourage buyers to submit an offer to purchase or Letter of Intent (LOI). We will assess the elements of the offer and discuss with you, the Seller, the pros and cons of each offer received.

8. Negotiations

With our deep transaction experience, we understand the “sticking points” encountered in transactions. While every deal’s attributes and stakeholders may be different, our ability to effectively communicate and negotiate both large and small points will deliver great value to you as a Seller.

9. Due Diligence

Before the due diligence phase, we will prepare you / your business for a smooth diligence process from our years of experience supporting buy-side and sell-side clients through the diligence phase. We will also facilitate the execution of due diligence and bring to completion

10. Purchase Agreement

We will facilitate, with chosen attorneys / professionals, the development of purchase agreement (asset or stock) for the business. Additionally we will facilitate ancillary agreements that will accompany the purchase agreement

11. The Closing

There will be many obstacles by this point in the transaction lifecycle. Our experience in addressing contingencies, developing solutions, and facilitating transaction closure will bring you peace of mind that all things are being addressed effectively and efficiently.

12. Follow Up

Follow Up It is important to us at P&L Business Brokers, LLC to ensure our clients have received the best possible outcome and value from our support throughout the life-changing event. We pride ourselves as not being sales people, but compassionate, trusted advisors who brought value and positively impacted lives.