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the buying process

Whether you are buying your first business or have been a serial acquirer, the process of acquiring a business is most often lengthy and challenging.  The Buying Process we have developed at P&L Business Brokers will reduce the drain on your scarce resource, time, and increase the likelihood that you will be able to close on a business acquisition.

Below, please find the summary of the comprehensive Buying Process that P&L Business Brokers offers.

1. Target Parameters

During the initial meeting, we will discuss and assess:
- Reason(s) to purchase
- Industries / business models of interest
- Financial parameters
- Geographical areas

2. Broker Agreement

We will provide you, the Buyer, with qualified representation in your target search and execution of acquiring a business(es). We will facilitate offer to purchase / LOI, due diligence, negotiation, and closing of the transaction.

3. Search for Targets

The search phase for a business to acquire can be long and challenging. We will work with you to identify targets, proactively approach targets, and initiate collection of Confidential Business Reviews (CBR), Teasers, Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM) that meet established criteria.


We will review the obtained CBRs, Teasers, CIMs with you to assess the compatibility with your parameters / objectives.

5.Initial Seller Contact

Upon your stated interest to move forward, we will facilitate the initial call with the Seller to address high-level and specific questions. This is the official start of your diligence and preparedness for the conversation is critical – we will prepare you.

6. Offer/LOI

We will:
- Help you with the critical elements / framework of your offer / LOI (with assistance from attorney, as necessary)
- Submit your Offer / LOI while highlighting the benefits of you and your offer clearly

7. Negotiations

With our deep transaction experience, we understand the “sticking points” encountered in transactions. While every deal’s attributes and stakeholders may be different, our ability to effectively communicate and negotiate both large and small points will deliver great value to you as a Buyer.

8.Due Diligence

We will advise you on general and target-specific diligence areas to be addressed. Diligence is thought to be the verification of accuracy of information reviewed – primarily financial. However, diligence must extend well beyond financial matters to evaluate strength of customers, vendors, and employees, etc.

9. Purchase Agreement

We will facilitate, with chosen attorneys / professionals, the development of purchase agreement (asset or stock) for the business. Additionally we will facilitate ancillary agreements that will accompany the purchase agreement.

10. Financing

Acquiring a business often requires financing which can come from multiple sources. With our experience, we will assist you in determining the best financing options and introduce you to business-friendly, committed, and competent lenders.

11. The Closing

There will be many obstacles by this point in the transaction lifecycle. Our experience in addressing contingencies, developing solutions, and facilitating transaction closure will bring you peace of mind that all things are being addressed effectively and efficiently.

12. Follow Up

It is important to us at P&L Business Brokers, LLC to ensure our clients have received the best possible outcome and value from our support throughout the life-changing event. We pride ourselves as not being sales people, but compassionate, trusted advisors who brought value and positively impacted lives.