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Buying a business

P&L Business Brokers, LLC is committed to your success and delivering value throughout the entire transaction life cycle.

Whether you are a financial or strategic Buyer, or an entrepreneur looking to purchase an existing business, P&L Business Brokers, LLC is your best partner to represent you and achieve your objectives.

Buying a business can be a lengthy and overwhelming process. Oftentimes, a buyer is still trying to juggle another job or business while pursuing an acquisition of an existing business and, thus, makes it more challenging to commit sufficient time to the process. From opportunity identification to financing and closing (and all the steps in between), having a well qualified business broker to advise you will better position you for a more seamless and accelerated acquisition process.

There are many reasons to acquire an existing business and it is important for you, the Buyer, to truly understand the driving factors of your own compulsion. These factors combined with the initial target parameters, financial and otherwise, will be discussed in our initial meeting to establish the foundation for us working with you to find the RIGHT business to acquire.

Trading places with the existing owner requires deep self-reflection. Do you have the right experience and skill set, as well as the financial means to maintain and grow the business? If you are seeking funding source(s), the answer to this question will be addressed directly in your business plan. Where there are gaps or challenges, there are ways to mitigate such risks and challenges with well thought out plans. This also aids in the development of your transition or integration plan.