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selling your business

P&L Business Brokers, LLC is committed to your success and delivering value throughout the entire transaction life cycle.

Selling your business is one of the most difficult decisions you will make as a business owner. From the emotional side of handing over the reigns of a business you have built to the financial considerations, the sale of your business cannot afford to anything less than the best in representation. We, at P&L Business Brokers, LLC, are committed to seeing the successful sale of your business and adding value throughout the process.

At some point every business owner will exit their business by choice or circumstance. Whether that timing is now or in the future, it is never too early to prepare with a well thought out strategy and execution plan. Planning for the inevitable exit may be a daunting endeavor, however, P&L Business Brokers, LLC will bring comprehensive insights and expertise developed through 100+ transactions including household names and global transactions. Another differentiating attribute of working with us is that we do not utilize a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, we get to understand your objectives and goals and tailor our selling approach accordingly.

Many businesses have been run successfully without consideration of the potential objectives and needs of the next owner. We will work with you to define the buyer profiles and company characteristics that will be most meaningful to each buyer. Simple to more challenging steps may be required to increase the value of your business and the perceived value of the buyer(s).

We also offer value enhancement services designed to increase the attractiveness of your business and maximize the value of the sale. A comprehensive value enhancement roadmap of initiatives will be developed and can be adopted fully or partially based on factors of timing, cost, and return on investment – primarily money and time. By identifying key areas in which your business can improve its value, you will benefit in the following ways:

• Increase the purchase price

• Be better prepared for marketing and selling your business

• Understand the potential opportunities for the next owner